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Cat6 Plenum Cables 1000ft CMP Rated in a Different Colors

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  • PACKAGING: EZ Pull Box
  • WEIGHT: 23.00lb
  • DIMENSIONS: 17.00in x 17.00in x 10.00in
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  • Description

Cat6 Plenum Cables 1000ft in Colors

BNCables distinguishes itself in the marketplace with its comprehensive selection of Cat6 plenum cables, now available in an even wider range of colors, including pink, white, purple, gray, red, yellow, orange, black, blue, and green. This expansive color palette not only meets your networking needs but also enhances cable management through organization and simplicity. The ability to choose from such a diverse set of colors allows for easy differentiation between various connections or network segments, significantly improving the efficiency of your network setup. This color-coding strategy aids in streamlining troubleshooting, maintenance, and future expansions. With these cables available in 1000ft spools, you’re well-equipped for large-scale installations, whether in extensive office environments, educational institutions, or industrial facilities.

BNCables’ Cat6 plenum cables not only boast superior performance but also adhere to UL safety standards, ensuring your network infrastructure is safe for use in plenum spaces where air quality and fire resistance are critical. The company’s excellence is further reflected in its commitment to outstanding customer service. With a team of experts always on hand, you can rely on guidance for selecting cables or addressing installation and compatibility queries. By choosing BNCables, you’re opting for reliable, high-quality Cat6 plenum cables available in 1000ft spools across a vibrant spectrum of colors. Their adherence to safety standards and unwavering customer support position BNCables as your trusted partner for all networking requirements.

Product Features:

  • Plenum, CMP-Rated jacket
  • Meets ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 specification
  • Tested to 550 MHz
  • Copper Clad Aluminium

Product Uses Ideal For:

  • 10BASE-T through 1000BASE-T Ethernet
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) – IEEE 802.3af
  • PoE+ – IEEE 802.3at Type 1 and 2
  • ATM and token ring

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Customer Reviews ( 123 )

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All Reviews (123)

  • M***K

    Its what I ordered but I haven't even opened the box it came in. O bought the same threek weeks ago and have used almost all of it. I was pleased with it and the data people tying it into their system were very pleased

  • G***e

    Don't change a thing, and keep this quality cable available to your customers!

  • w***n

    Comes out super easy, easy into the clips/keystones, just great! I

  • b***n

    Granted I've only used 2 boxes of CAT6 (I just run my own lines at home), but this cable is so much better than the first one I had.

  • m***5

    I purchased this cable to add Ethernet wiring in the house as part of an addition we were doing. I also took the opportunity to upgrade our CAT 5e to CAT 6 in the entire house. I ended up pulling around 11 lines to various locations in the house, using quite a portion of the 1000 ft roll. I used some to make shorter cables to connect up the computer, server, router, switches, etc. Everything seems to work very well, and there is a noticeable speed improvement moving data around. I'm very satisfied with the price and performance.Thanks

  • M***w

    I purchased this cable (purchased a total of 3 boxes) to run Cat6 through my new house during the build process and to make my own patch cables. I have tested every connection (26 total runs) and all have tested at 1 Gb through my switch and patch panel with no errors.

  • P***0

    The thicker wire gauge and the internal plastic wire separator makes this cable bundle a little thicker - but we are very pleased with the connectivity CAT6 features and the PoE power capability (important for PoE phones and cameras).

  • I***s

    It has a nylon thread that makes stripping it back smooth and easy. I had no problems attaching RJ45 connectors. Great buy

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