Choose The Best Category Plenum Rated Ethernet Cables

At BNCables, we offer plenum cables with the industry’s best performance and security standards. Depending on the category, we provide 500ft or 1000ft of plenum category cables in various colors and jacket types, suitable for use in both business and home settings. Our cables are designed for everyday use, ensuring optimal connectivity. BNCables is a marketplace for top-quality network cables and Ethernet tools, including Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7, and more, sourced from leading manufacturers.

Plenum Ethernet Cables

The most common network cable is called Cat5e Plenum, Cat6 plenumCat6a plenum, recognized by the TIA (Telecommunications Industries Association) all have different functions, so it’s important to obtain or choose the proper cable for the right application.

On, there is a range of plenum rated ethernet cables to choose from. As when a plenum-rated jacket with unique insulating qualities burns, it does not release dangerous chemicals and emits very little smoke.

  • Cat5e Plenum Shielded STP FTP is a copper-based twisted pair Ethernet cable. It is put through more extensive testing to guarantee that it can handle increased data speeds.
  • Cat6a Riser STP is a high-performance network cable used to connect computers and other devices. It supports data transfer speeds up to 10 Gbps over a distance of up to 100 meters. The cable is suitable for vertical applications, such as between floors, and has fire-resistant properties. It is also shielded for better protection against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, making it ideal for industrial settings.
  • Cat6 stp plenum is a type of network cable used in vertical applications between floors in commercial or industrial settings. It supports gigabit Ethernet networks and has a jacket that resists burning and prevents the spread of flames in case of fire. It’s not suitable for use in plenum spaces.
  • Cat7 plenum pure copper is a high-performance network cable commonly used in commercial and industrial settings for high-speed data transmission in plenum spaces. It supports up to 10 Gbps data transfer speeds, resists interference and crosstalk, ensures reliable signal transmission over long distances, and complies with fire safety codes.

Nowadays, backbone connections between servers, network switches, and storage devices often use bulk plenum copper cables. These cables are available in multiple colors and are ideal for longer cable runs in office buildings, colleges, and universities with big plenum spaces. They are also completely reliable.

Ensure That The Customer Is Satisfied

BNCables recognizes that although multiple brands of category cable may seem the same, quality is what sets them apart. By providing high-quality cables, BNCables can ensure that installations are easier, more efficient, and meet the customer’s expectations, resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction.

Internet Connection Speed To Using Category Cables

Category cables, like Cat5, Cat6, and Cat7, impact internet speed and reliability. These cables minimize interference and signal loss, resulting in faster and more dependable data transmission. The cable’s category determines its maximum data transmission speed, with Cat5 supporting up to 100 Mbps, Cat6 up to 10 Gbps, and Cat7 up to 100 Gbps. Other factors that affect internet speed include the ISP’s network infrastructure, connection quality, number of users, and cable length. Higher category cables like Cat6 and Cat7 are beneficial for reliable and fast internet connection, particularly for businesses and individuals who require high-speed data transmission.

Why BNCables.Com?

BNCables has a large selection of high-quality plenum rated ethernet cables for networking applications. Pure copper is used in the construction of our networking cables, allowing for a more efficient electrical conductor and increased durability.

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