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Cat5e Plenum CMP Rated 1000ft Cable in Colors

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  • PACKAGING: Reel in Box
  • WEIGHT:17.00lb
  • DIMENSIONS:16.00in x 16.00in x 10.00in
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  • Description

Cat5e Plenum CMP Rated Cable in Colors

Discover our Cat5e Plenum CMP Rated Cable, available in an array of vibrant colors including blue, grey, white, and black. This 1000ft cable is meticulously designed to meet the demanding requirements of plenum-rated environments, featuring solid conductors for superior performance across various networking applications. Its Plenum CMP Jacket and Solid Conductor pairing ensure low smoke and non-toxic properties, guaranteeing safety and compliance. With 24AWG wire and 4 cable pairings in white/blue, white/orange, white/green, and white/brown, this cable delivers optimal performance up to 350MHz. The unshielded spool meets today’s specifications and requirements, while the Easy Pull Box design streamlines installation, saving time and effort. Rest assured, our Cat5e Plenum CMP Rated Cable adheres to ISO/IEC and ROHS COMPLIANT standards, providing reliability and compliance with industry specifications. Upgrade your networking setup with our versatile and dependable cable solution.

Plenum Rated Jacket

  • Cat5e Plenum CMP Unshielded Cable contains a flame-retardant jacket that produces less smoke than traditional PVC jackets.
  • 1000ft Cat5e Ethernet/Networking cable specially designed for hardware endpoints on LAN (Local Area Network), Telephone connection, 10 Base-T, 100 Base-T, and 1000 Base-T networks,
  • runs in Air Plenum spaces, including raised flooring systems, air handling ducts, etc.


  • 1000feet Cat5e spool Tested to 350 MHz
  • 24-AWG Plenum CMP Rated cable with 4 cable pairings (white/blue, white/orange, white/green, and white/brown)
  • Low-smoke Plenum CMP Rated jacket
  • EZ Pull Box Available in Blue, White, Black, Gray and Red
  • Low Price (BN Cables Manufactures their own Plenum Cat5e/Cat6 Solid Conductor Cables. Therefore Our Price is Low)

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Customer Reviews ( 46 )

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  • K***y

    Great cat5e cable and easy to work with. Hopefully it last as long as the quality looks.

  • a***n


  • a***n

    Best Cat5e Ever.

  • D***h

    When we built our house I ran 1000' of Cat6 but when it came time to run cable from various places on the first floor, garage and finished basement, I ran out. Finally I decided to finish these projects and get the rest of the jacks wired up across the basement ceiling along the joists in the unfinished space and behind the drop ceiling in the finished part. The cable pulled nice and easy. All the connections have been rock solid so far. I get a 1GB connection on everything I wired up. What else could you ask for?

  • N***s

    When I built my house, I ran CAT-5 cable everywhere... well at least I thought so at the time anyway. So many devices are wireless anymore, but sometimes nothing beats a wired-in connection. This cable was easy to pull through my crawlspace, and it spooled out of the box without any tangles. My next pull will be through my attic, but that won't happen until summer has past.

  • B***e

    Tested this out with a few drops at work and in a bedroom at home wiring up an additional unifi ap-ac lite. No issues noted. Unrolling the cable was easy, didn't see any kinks or cuts in the plastic coating. Box has a table on it so that the technician can mark how much line was used at which location which is handy. Terminated as expected with some cheap cat5e rj45 connectors I had on hand. Overall for the price this is definitely worth it given that most other competitors are offering cca cabling at this price. I'll be ordering a few of these next fiscal year for the office in addition to ubiquiti tough cable for outdoor PoE installs.

  • J***k

    At about 11 cents per foot this is a good value. The cable is easy to work with. I had no issues cutting and putting ends on it. No snagging pulling it through attic space and into walls.

  • J***n

    This is a great box of cat5e cable and is greased just enough to make pulling straightforward. IÕm going to be wiring my house for a security system and so I needed about 1000 feet and this fits the bill. I wanted plenum rated cable, because I was going to be running under the house as well as running dual runs for each camera in case I want to expand in the future. All in all, this is a great set of cable and I did not find any binds In the first 200 feet that I pulled and terminated. The internal diameter of the cable was firm and snug and fit my connections well. IÕd be happy to run another project off this box anytime!

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