Selecting The Correct Outdoor Ethernet Cable

An outside ethernet cable is required to connect two or even more outside constructions, connect network outdoor security cameras or install outdoor Wi-Fi network connections.

Across many cases, the outdoor ethernet cable will hide; however, this will depend on the type. The ethernet cable selection is crucial for a secured network in both circumstances.  The best forms of outdoor ethernet cable cat6 for outdoor use. 

Cat 6 Ethernet Cable for Outdoor Use

When you start running cables outside, create a plan to ensure your wire selection. The initial step is to determine whether you’ll run your cable through the air and hide it. In any case, a cat6 out door cable networking wire with UV protection that is certified for outdoor use might suffice.

Cat6 outdoor cable is typically made with a more vital, durable outer jacket than cat5 Ethernet cable. You won’t have to spend extra money or time laying conduit to keep your cable safe from the elements.

Additional safeguards for immediate burial Extra waterproofing are supplied by waterproof tape or flooded gel core in cat6 outdoor cable. With cat6 outdoor cable, you may run large distances of slightly over 300 feet without signal distortion difficulties. The signal begins to fade after this point, reducing the speed and dependability of the connections. 

Outdoor Ethernet Cable Cat6

cat6 outdoor ethernet cable is not fire-resistant. As a result, it can’t be used for runs more than 50 feet until terminating at a business building.

cat6 outdoor cables offer higher performance requirements, and they can transport data faster over longer distances.

These elements work together to reduce signal/EMI interference on the inside and outside significantly.

It could be an excellent solution for connecting in industrial settings when signal interference from engines, turbines, or wireless connections is challenging.

CAT 7 Ethernet cable

The highest data transmission of CAT 7 wired connection is 10,000 Mbit/s or 10 Gbit/s. For a high-speed internet connection, plug the Smart TV, printers, Laptop, phone, and other network devices into the network. The copper and wire dual shielding offers optimal interference and signal loss protection and is appropriate for outdoor use.

With just a Weatherproof certification and an LLPDE outdoor jacket, it is UV-resistant. It’s simple to install for outdoor use. 


While selecting an ethernet cable, being concerned within a budget is essential; it’s essential to remember the difference in cost between cat6 outdoor cable and Cat7. The bandwidth requirements play a much more significant role in deciding what cabling is better suited for your demands.


Thus, if you’re looking for UV-resistant, waterproof, or shielded cable for your network, make sure to look into your alternatives today. To protect outdoor electronics from thunderstorms, set up an Ethernet cable. 

When utilizing standard cat6 outdoor cables outside, please place them in a conduit such as PVC or another plastic pipe that has been waterproofed for better effect. The pipe should next be buried at the height of 6 to 8 inches in the earth, at least very far away from significant lines or other electrical disturbance factors.