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Cat7 Bulk Cables Best Cable For You.

Posted : 11-April-2022

As we get close to the internet world, the desire for faster Internet and data transfer speeds has increased, if you want to buy the best plenum network cable in the construction of a new office or apartment, or maybe you’re a gamer who wants an Ethernet cable for personal usage Cat7 bulk cable is an ideal option. 

Cat7 bulk cable has separate insulated pairs and a shielded jacket covering the entire thread; it performs at higher speeds with even less disturbance. Both teams are protected, with an additional shielding layer spread over a large cable. 

To fully take advantage of the Cat7 bulk cables’ more excellent performance capabilities, the shielding must be grounded, and special GigaGate45 (GG45) connectors are required. It has not been accepted as a telecommunications cable standard. 


Cat7 plenum cable can still support 10 Gbps; it can now transfer up to 40 Gbps over 50 meters and even 100 Gbps over 15 meters. With a 600 MHz bandwidth and standards for reducing crosstalk, such as between each pair and throughout the cable. The rates are insanely rapid at shorter distances, reaching 100 Gbps at less than 15 meters. Cat7 cable is the most modern Ethernet cable technology in the networking cable.


Whether they’re installed under the floor, on doors, or along with the ceilings, they’re very adaptable and simple to maintain. Due to its fast speeds, the Cat7 cables can also deal with a range of potentially harmful environmental situations. It has a unique connector instead of RJ45 connectors.

The cost of the Cat 7 cables is higher. Because of the added insulation, the wire is extremely stiff and difficult to bend. For new construction, this is highly recommended for networking cables.

Few Things before buying Category 7 cable:

If you’re selecting a category seven cable for one use, you must know a few things about the category seven cable.

  • They are flexible and extendable, which means you’ll save money on future cabling. 
  • The shield for each of the four-wire pairs and the four pairs is a significant advantage of the Cat7 bulk cable
  • You may browse the Internet and download films, media, and other items without having to deal with a slow network thanks to a maximum connection speed of 10Gbps.
  • Cat7 plenum cables are ideal for internet gaming applications, with a maximum bandwidth of 600MHz and a maximum supported speed of 10Gbps.
  • The purchase of a Cat7 cable helps install high-speed Internet in the workplace or at home. 
  • Cat 7 cables are adaptable and expandable; you will save money on future wiring.