How to Choose Keystone Jack?

Keystone Jack RJ45 is used to connect Cat6 ethernet cables because without a connector, an Ethernet cable is useless.

The patch cords of the Ethernet cables without a connector, is useless. It must fit into the contact area, so picking the right one is essential. 

What is A Keystone Jack?

Keystone jacks are commonly used in data transmission and LAN connectivity. The male connector is connected to the female connector in a wall plate.

A type of ethernet port is on the front side of a conventional keystone jack also use for CMP Networking Plenum Cables. Its jack features an entrance and numerous pins made of microns of gold. The keystone jack’s holes allow modular plugs that are either shielded or unshielded. To make a connection with ethernet cables, you’ll insert wires into the contact regions of keystone jacks.

Shielded and unshielded:

Here are two types of keystone jacks: shielded and unshielded. It depends on the sort of keystone jack one should choose is determined by the installation environment. The existence of significant EMI is a condition for employing a shielded Cat6 RJ45 keystone jack. If you’re planning to install keystone jacks wherein disturbance is minimal or non-existent, unshielded keystone jacks are the way to go.

Where Should Your Keystone Jack Be Connected?

Plan out your cable lines ahead of time to know which cable is going and where it is going. Boxes with Surface Mount Wall Plates and Patch Panels can all be connected to your keystone.

Cat5e Keystone Jacks

Cat5e cabling is used in both commercial and residential environments. Its construction type is popular; you have to shift from keystone jacks to patch panels.

When purchasing a Cat5e keystone jack, ensure it complies with the relevant standards, such as the TIA/EIA 568-B code. It delivers exceptional results. You should also ensure that the jack you purchase both the wiring color codes is adequately labeled.

Cat6 Keystone Jacks

Cat6 Keystone jack is one of the most efficient and well-known for its outstanding performance in both household and commercial settings. They can use them for home entertainment and complicated office data transmission systems.

You can utilize unloaded keystone wall plates and patch panels with some models of Cat6 keystone jacks.

These jacks are available in many colors to suit any particular housing requirement. Also, make sure the cables have a secure lock.

What You Should Know Before Buying a Keystone Jack Category:

  1. You’ll use a Cat6 Ethernet cable with a Cat6 rj45 keystone jack. It’s worth noting that it can also use for Rj45 connectors on both Cat5e keystone jacks and Cat6a ethernet cables.
  2. The choice of 90° or 180° depends on the installation location and preferences, and both terminate directly into the jack.


Keystone jacks are one of the vital components of networking. We manufacture all types of keystone jacks for you no matter where you are running your ethernet cable, including Cat6 RJ45 Keystone Jack, with top-quality material. They are lightweight and available in many different styles.

When you consider buying such jacks, it is essential to ensure that the ports on the unit contain color codes to guide you when inserting wires.